Wharton undergraduate sample essay

Wharton’s Business and Financial Modeling Specialization provides learners with the opportunity to learn core quantitative skills required to make data-driven business and financial foundational courses introduce learners to essential modeling techniques and common applications so that they can describe realities, build scenarios, and predict performance. A capstone project with a dataset from the leading data research platform and business intelligence tool for over 30,000 corporate, academic, government and nonprofit clients in 33 countries is available for those who want to apply their skills.

There is no preference for the focus of the research or the kind of research project as long as the proposed project falls within program guidelines.  Projects may be theoretical or applied and may utilize quantitative or qualitative research methods.  Applicants must have a faculty member signed on to provide advice on their project. Priority will be given to those working with a Wharton faculty member. For information to assist with identifying a faculty advisor with expertise in your area of interest, please visit the Wharton faculty bio pages >>

Wharton undergraduate sample essay

wharton undergraduate sample essay


wharton undergraduate sample essaywharton undergraduate sample essaywharton undergraduate sample essaywharton undergraduate sample essay