Wellesley college political science thesis

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  Important, International Students: At this time Wellesley College cannot offer immigration support for Pre-College One-Week Workshops. Only students currently in the . in continuous F-1 status will be able to attend the program. You will be required to provide copies of your current immigration documentation.

Wellesley faculty think very highly of their students, and you will soon find that they will work closely with you and that you'll feel quite comfortable entering an intellectual relationship with your professors. E-mail has often been seen as a democratizing system of communication that flattens hierarchies and that allows people of all sorts to communicate comfortably and freely with each other. We value the ease of communication that e-mail offers us - but we who work at Wellesley have also learned, over time, that we don't quite want our e-mail with students to feel like an instant-message exchange. Most professors are overwhelmed by the vast number of e-mail messages they receive; some have been shocked by the sheer effrontery of some of those messages; many become frustrated if e-mail consumes so much of their time and emotional energy that they can't then spend valuable personal time with you. We hope these tips will help you - and your professors - conserve some of that emotional energy.

Wellesley college political science thesis

wellesley college political science thesis


wellesley college political science thesiswellesley college political science thesiswellesley college political science thesiswellesley college political science thesis