Trip great wall china essay

Travel Notes for wild great wall hiking:
1. Things to take: sports shoes or hiking boots, sticks, cap, sun-glasses, sunscreen, bottles of water, snacks, pocket knife, lip balm and first aid kit.
2. Using toilets at the entrance of the Wall. No toilets on the hiking route. Please always carry toilet paper by yourself.
3. Wearing pants and long-sleeves even in summer to hike through jungles and bushes.
4. You are responsible for your travel insurance for your coverage of injury or accident.
5 Be a green and responsible hiker, taking nothing but photos and leaving nothing but footprint.

It was a dream come true to walk on the Great Wall of China. Alice was our guide and made the trip an even more memorable experience because of her knowledge and her willingness to share it. Her experience enabled us to miss huge crowds and enable us to get the most of our trip. They were a few minutes late picking me up because of two rude guests who had no consideration for the guide and driver or the other guests. This of course happens with rude people, but Alice did keep me informed. During the tour the same two continued their rudeness holding up the tour by wondering off on their own little expeditions.
I would still highly recommend this tour. Not only was the Great Wall everything I had imagined but the Ming tomb was far more interesting than I had thought. Alice had given us a history lesson on the different dynasties of China and that made the experience even more meaningful.
Even though I was not interested in the Jade exhibition, others seemed to be, and the lunch was outstanding.
The day was a great experience. I learned so much and saw so much. Again, Alice was great and the driver was also very good. It is easy to overlook self-absorbed people who have no concern for others when the overall experience was so wonderful.

Just a perfect excursion to the Great Wall. Our guide Alice was efficient and funny and a storehouse of knowledge. We were picked up at the hotel by 7:15 AM. After the customary stop at the Jade Factory we proceeded to the Great Wall. I am glad I choose the Mutiyanu section over the others. The lush green tree cover and mountainous terrain are stunning. The crowds were there but not so much that you couldn't get some time on the wall to yourself. The Chairlift up the wall and the Tobaggon ride down the wall are not included as part of the trip - so make sure you take some extra money for that. It was 120 yuan per person. The walk on the wall up to the last watch tower can be completed to and fro in about 2 hours flat. That leaves you enough time for a beer on the top but of course it's 4 times the cost at 100 yuan!. Wear comfortable walking shoes, don't push yourself to reach the end and be careful on some steep areas that are almost vertical. Then get ready to come down the wall in an awesome Tobaggon ride! The traditional Chinese lunch at 's was delightful and helped the small tour group 6 of us bond over food, stories and drinks. We then went to a Chinese Tea Ceremony on the way. They urge you to buy a lot of stuff, but I found cheaper and better tea/ tea sets in Wangfujing. We were back to the hotel by 5 PM.
If you want to trek up the wall, this is probably not the tour for you Simatai can be better. If you want to visit the most visited section of the wall and don't mind a million Chinese tourists you are better off at Badaling. But if you have just a day and want to experience something breathtaking - then Mutiyanu is the one.

Trip great wall china essay

trip great wall china essay


trip great wall china essaytrip great wall china essaytrip great wall china essaytrip great wall china essay