Thesis statement vicorian women

Featuring a diverse and sizzling array of home-grown Louisiana musicians, the music lineup for the fourteenth annual 2017 Voice of the Wetlands Festival , to be held in Houma, Louisiana October 13,14 and 15 has been announced. The festival, selected ‘Best Festival Outside New Orleans 2016’ by Offbeat Magazine, is produced by the non-profit Voice of the Wetlands, founded by Houma blues and roots musician Tab Benoit to bring awareness to the cultural and economic challenges faced by the physical loss of the Louisiana coastal wetlands. Besides the music, the Festival has become noted for it’s outstanding traditional Louisiana cuisine, Art Market, and family friendly, relaxed atmosphere. 2017 marks the third year the festival is being held at the Ponderosa, a cattle farm turned festival venue for one weekend a year through the generosity of the Rouse family, of supermarket note. Festival-goers can camp on-site, with both tent and RV spaces available, and can expect three nights and two days of non-stop music on two stages, and late-night ‘Wetlands Ramble’ jams at the Red Dog Saloon stage. For the music line-up, and information about exhibiting and camping, please visit the website at .

Biographical and historical topics have an immediate advantage: they can be defined and limited by space and time. Always try to select a specific point in time as the focus of your essay. As you narrow your topic and begin your reading, watch for your emerging thesis: a single clear impression of the person or event should be the controlling idea of your essay. Whether you are writing about a sequence of events, as in a battle, or a single event or issue affecting the life of a well-known person, you will still need both a thesis and a strategy to shape the direction of your essay.

Bertha Mason, the antithesis of Jane Eyre, represents disruption in gender balance. Mason is insane, free-spirited, and challenges any ideal that comes in her way. Victorian Era women are quiet, passive, and loyal; Bertha is physically large, violent, and aggressive as displayed on her first appearance, "the lunatic sprang and grappled his [Rochester] throat viciously, and laid her teeth to his cheek. She was a big woman, in stature almost equaling her husband, and corpulent besides: she showed virile force in contest" (Bronte, 307). Due to her behaviors, Bertha is secluded from society, to live in a hell like room until death. Bronte reveals to readers, that Victorian era women were a disgrace to society if they were not the ideal female. Through Bertha Mason, Bronte is able to accurately portray the inhumane nature disgraceful females were forced to live in.

Thesis statement vicorian women

thesis statement vicorian women


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