Thesis on supply chain integration

The MIT-Malaysia Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is offered by the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI). MIT CTL, ZLC ZLOG & MISI MSCM program are jointly ranked #1 worldwide for supply chain management programs (by EDUNIVERSAL) for 2015-2016. The MSCM program provides cutting edge knowledge and expertise in problem solving, change management and leadership. Ten months of challenging coursework, Master’s thesis project, and industry interaction equip MSCM graduates with the skills that companies seek in an increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace. Students from more than 22 countries have graduated from the program since its inception in 2012; and you could be next!

There are a lot of more or less trustworthy rankings that are based on surveys of practitioners (SCM World), research output (FT) or other types of data (Eduniversal). I cannot see any methodology behind your ranking? What is the methodological foundation your ranking is based upon? Or is this just your opinion? If so, you should indicate this already in the headline of your article. Otherwise this list is just misleading. You should understand that you take a lot of responsibility by publishing a ranking that might later be used to make decisions, . by future students. Therefore, it should be based on sound data and a rigorous methodology.

Thesis on supply chain integration

thesis on supply chain integration


thesis on supply chain integrationthesis on supply chain integrationthesis on supply chain integrationthesis on supply chain integration