The awakening thesis topics

On 21 September 1857 Jeremiah Lanphier, a businessman, began a series of prayer meetings in New York. By the beginning of 1858 the congregation was crowded, often with a majority of businessmen. Newspapers reported that over 6,000 were attending various prayer meetings in New York, and 6,000 in Pittsburgh. Daily prayer meetings were held in Washington, . at 5 different times to accommodate the crowds. Other cities followed the pattern. Soon, a common mid-day sign on business premises read, "We will re-open at the close of the prayer meeting". By May, 50,000 of New York's 800,000 people were new converts.

Many people these days are simply hoping things will finally ‘calm down’. But ‘things’ don’t do that. We do. And only we can ultimately ensure that peace in all its forms takes a hold on this planet. 2017 marks a defining passage in this process, and the shape of its unfolding is within our hands. This year the heavens have issued a clarion call to the wise, the courageous, the faithful, to take a stand, protect what’s precious, share what matters and never ever forget that only by fully living life do we inherit the power to change its very core.

The awakening thesis topics

the awakening thesis topics


the awakening thesis topicsthe awakening thesis topicsthe awakening thesis topicsthe awakening thesis topics