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If I had a French vote, I would have been tempted by Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the presidential elections because the choice otherwise ranged from uninspiring to downright worrying. It goes without saying he'd have got my vote in the deciding second round against the Front National's Marine Le Pen (her party's name stinks to such an extent that even she announced after the first round that she was a candidate, not its candidate). In the legislative elections, I'd have voted for the far left La France Soumise but only in the Essonne constituency where my niece-in-law was standing.

Having got Macron, though, France is beginning to wonder. It has been a decidedly mixed start to the presidency, as I outline in an opinion piece for The National* ...

Telegraph research paper

telegraph research paper


telegraph research papertelegraph research papertelegraph research papertelegraph research paper