Statistical analysis essays example

The R Project for Statistical Computing full featured, very powerful

Analysis Lab Basic analyses, good for teaching.

A nice collection of small programs for specific types of analyses.)

DataPlot Includes scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling.

MacAnova Not just for Macs, and not just ANOVA

BrightStat Basic analyses including many non-parametric tests.

Statistics101 Resampling

Tetrad Causal Modeling

A factorial logistic regression is used when you have two or more categorical independent variables but a dichotomous dependent variable.  For example, using the hsb2 data file we will use female as our dependent variable, because it is the only dichotomous variable in our data set; certainly not because it common practice to use gender as an outcome variable.  We will use type of program ( prog ) and school type ( schtyp ) as our predictor variables.  Because prog is a categorical variable (it has three levels), we need to create dummy codes for it. SPSS will do this for you by making dummy codes for all variables listed after the keyword with .  SPSS will also create the interaction term; simply list the two variables that will make up the interaction separated by the keyword by .

Statistical analysis essays example

statistical analysis essays example


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