Sport studies dissertation topics

The Sport Studies program provides students with knowledge and skills necessary for careers in the sport industry. Students majoring in this field will choose a cognate in either business or communication. The sport business cognate is designed to prepare students to work in fields related to management, development, sponsorship, marketing, planning, organizing, budgeting, operations, and leadership at the professional, collegiate, and recreational levels of the sport industry. The sport communication cognate, meanwhile, is designed to prepare students to work in such fields as sport journalism, broadcasting, public relations, media relations, and videography. The program seeks to combine classroom education with hands-on experience, as all students will complete an internship in the sport industry prior to graduation. Please contact Dr. Younghan Lee , Dr. Matthew Zimmerman , Mr. Matthew Rye , or Dr. Gregg Twietmeyer with questions about the Sport Studies program.

Furthermore, the epidemic of cardiovascular and other lifestyle-related diseases in western societies, which is an impending threat to public health and economy, calls for effective, affordable treatment and prevention strategies. The search for an adequate treatment for these diseases is a major challenge, and even though medical treatment has been improved substantially, the mortality rate is high. There is a need for a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms for such diseases, as well as the beneficial effects of physical activity on the organism. Physical activity is advocated as an important part of rehabilitation programmes for these patient groups. Understanding the mechanisms of training-induced (strength- and endurance) amelioration of cardiovascular performance will help identify targets for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Sport studies dissertation topics

sport studies dissertation topics


sport studies dissertation topicssport studies dissertation topicssport studies dissertation topicssport studies dissertation topics