Should an essay be in past or present tense

The conclusion should match the introduction in terms of the ideas presented and the argument put forward. Sometimes you will find that the process of writing has changed what you have argued and so it will be necessary to go back and reword the introduction. Finally, the conclusion is not the place in your essay to introduce new information or new ideas: these should be in the body of your essay. Example of an essay conclusion 1 Essay Question: : Italy on the eve of 1860 has often been described as an unlikely nation. Why? Before 1860, only a tiny minority of the population believed that Italy could ever become a unified nation under one Italian ruler. Yet, despite this belief and the many obstacles blocking the path to unification such as differences and suspicion between the many regions of the peninsula, the lack of planning and common goals that saw many uprisings fail and the divergent views and politics amongst the men who fought for unity, the Piedmont region emerged " the nucleus around which the rest of Italy could gather" (Mack Smith, 1959: 17). On March 17, 1861, the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed. Italy was no longer a geographical expression, it was a nation. reference to essay question
reiteration of thesis point
overview of main arguments explaining the obstacles to Italy's unification
concluding comment and reference to essay question 1 This essay has been adapted from material developed by R. Woodward-Kron, E. Thomson & J. Meek (2000) Academic Writing: a language based guide (CD-ROM), University of Wollongong

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“Paul Rat Smith argues that there is a tenuous but important relationship between rats and pumpkins. This kinship has always fascinated me. However, this relationship has been subjected to several studies. In studying this relationship, Rat Smith coined the name “pumpkinology” to describe it and it has been used since the beginning of the 90s. Rat Smith is known for spending three years in the wild among rats and pumpkins. Although this topic has attracted little interest, several ancient books noted this relationship and the Romans seem to understand this relationship properly. To dismiss his results however, critics cite questionable methodology and poor science with some calling pumpkinology rubbish or stupid. Nevertheless, there seems to be a correlation between rats’ population and pumpkin patches that will be analyzed in this essay. Rat Smith has documented several colonies of pumpkin and rats in North American leading to his conclusion that rats and pumpkins are indeed the best friends naturally.”

Should an essay be in past or present tense

should an essay be in past or present tense


should an essay be in past or present tenseshould an essay be in past or present tenseshould an essay be in past or present tenseshould an essay be in past or present tense