Should alcohol be illegal essay

The classic, debated topic among young adults has always been the responsibilities that ought to be granted to those that might lack a certain level of life experience. Should teens be able to make these decisions about certain subtances or occuations? We can’t forget that every individul has the right to make decisions within the law. But we also have to ruminate on how far the law should go. Obviously, if a person not “of age” plans to act irresponsibly and irrationally while bearing these rights, the laws currently in place are justified, not only through the protection of that individual, but also through the protection of others. On the other hand, some people are able to make mature decisions while facing these reserved privelages, which brings into question how far this restriction should extend. While I do believe this age-based legislation is appropriate, it doesn’t necessarily apply to every under-aged person.

“Let People Dial While Driving” written by
Katherine Mangu-Ward is all but intelligent. Is she really thinking? My daughter, Diane, was born few months ago. One morning i drove with her to the post office for applying for a passport. It was a happy moment: the start of a new driving back home a car almost crashed ours. The driver, a woman, was simply using her phone. She did not see and stop for the stop sign … Only my vigilance saved the life (and the future!) of my 2 month old baby. I am still very angry while thinking about this event. The life of my baby versus the right of a reckless driver to make a phone call? How important was that phone call? (”honey, what would you like to eat tonight?”) We shoud be committed to forbid the use of phones while driving. Drivers can still park for few minutes and make a phone call. At last, i believe that Katherine Mangu-Ward
misused data on death related accidents. I believe that the rate of death related accident did not climb because now most of the drivers are using their seat belt and because recent technologies made cars so much safer …

Should alcohol be illegal essay

should alcohol be illegal essay


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