Seating safety essay

(That’s the end of the twitter transcript. I want to point out at the end that there are other examples, one of which she’s linked to in that last tweet: his rollback of “lock her up”, saying that it played well during the election but we don’t care about that, and his rollback of “drain the swamp”, saying it was something he didn’t want to say but the crowds loved it. These are things he actually said during his victory rallies, much to my and many others’ astonishment. The piece above goes a long way towards explaining those.)

For most of the Mariners' first 18 years, their poor play (they did not have a winning season until 1991 ) combined with the Kingdome's design, led to poor attendance. Some writers and fans called it "the Tomb" (because of its gray concrete and lack of noise) and " Puget Puke." [21] After their inaugural home opener, the Mariners didn't have another sellout until 1990 . At one point the Mariners covered seats in the upper decks in right and right-center with a tarp in order to make the stadium feel "less empty". Additionally, the Kingdome's acoustics created problems for stadium announcers, who had to deal with significant echo issues. [22] However, when the team's fortunes began to change in the mid–1990s and they began drawing large crowds, especially in the post-season, the noise created an electric atmosphere and gave the home team a distinct advantage similar to the effect on football games.

Seating safety essay

seating safety essay


seating safety essayseating safety essayseating safety essayseating safety essay