Sample paralegal internship essays

If you have received a certificate from an American Bar Association (ABA) approved institution, make sure to mention this. Having a certificate from an accredited institution will clearly identify your education as meeting the standard. If you do not have a paralegal certification, make sure to focus on the relevant courses that you may have taken in your undergraduate degree. Even if you did not study law specifically, try to pinpoint the specific courses that may help you succeed as a paralegal. These can include any courses involving research, writing, or analysis.

Thereafter, I began working at TreeMaker Foods, a producer of generic food and beverage products in New York, New York. My original duties consisted of re-designing an existing contract repository system and re-structuring the archived data of new and existing contracts, trademarks and closing materials. In addition, I conducted due diligence of closing materials upon acquisitions and ensured all major contracts were executed such Asset Purchase Agreements and Funding Contracts. Shortly afterward I performed initial review of the corporate code of regulations and employee handbook for 2010.

Sample paralegal internship essays

sample paralegal internship essays


sample paralegal internship essayssample paralegal internship essayssample paralegal internship essayssample paralegal internship essays