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The evolutionary relationships between Au. anamensis and Au. afarensis have received a great deal of scholarly interest.  The fossils of Au. anamensis from Kanapoi are geologically older than those from Allia Bay and are more similar to Ar . ramidus and living apes.  In addition, the Au. anamensis sample from Allia Bay is more similar to the older sample of Au . afarensis fossils found at Laetoli, Tanzania than they are to the younger sample of Au. afarensis fossils from Hadar, Ethiopia.  These facts have led some researchers to suggest  Au. anamensis is the direct ancestor of Au. afarensis and the sequence of fossils from Kanapoi, Allia Bay, Laetoli, and Hadar can be considered a single species.  The trends suggesting that this sequence of fossils represents a single species come predominantly from the size and shape of the mandible and lower third premolar.  For clarity and to formalize the differences found in this single species, which would include fossils currently assigned to Au. afarensis and Au. anamensis , however, most scholars continue to regard the fossils as separate species—., the fossils from Allia Bay and Kanapoi are referred to as A u. anamensis and the fossils from Laetoli and Hadar (and a handful of other sites, see essay on Au. afarensis ) are referred to as Au. afarensis .

Sample of profile essay

sample of profile essay


sample of profile essaysample of profile essaysample of profile essaysample of profile essay