Sample ccot essay questions

  1. The West and the Rest: Rewriting History ( pdf, 19kb )
    This article by Dr. Andrew Clark, describes the coverage of the non-Western world in history.
  2. The Atlantic Slave Trade Revisited ( pdf, 36kb ) This article by Dr. Andrew Clark, published in The Journal of Third World Studies , reviews two recently published books on the subject.
  3. Imperialism, independence, and Islam in Senegal and Mali ( pdf, 52kb )
    This article by Dr. Andrew Clark, examines relations between religious and secular leaders in the regions of modern Senegal and Mali from early colonial times to the present.
  4. AP World History Web Guide ( pdf, 137kb )
    This resource by Bill Strickland provides links to websites, textbooks, ancillaries, and listservs.
  5. A Most Pressing Challenge: Preparing Teachers of World History Teachers ( pdf, )
    This article by Robert Bain examines strategies for better preparing pre-service World History teachers.
  6. Must Do's and Do Not's for Essay Writing ( pdf, 69kb )
    This handout by Bill Strickland provides specific tips for each of the three types of AP World History essays.
  7. Strategies for Continuity and Change over Time Essay Questions ( pdf, 54kb ) This article by Peter Stearns provides strategies for preparing students to effectively write the CCOT essay.
  8. Answering the Question ( pdf, 163kb )
    This handout by Bill Strickland provides tips for teaching students how to break down exactly what each essay question is asking.
  9. Additional Resources
    Below is a list of resources that were provided for teachers who participated in the Institute. TITLE AUTHOR ISBN African History: A Very Short Introduction John Parker 9780192802484 Peterson's AP World History Margaret C. Moran & W. Francis Holder 9780768918250 King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa Adam Hochschild 9780618001903 A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present Richard Reid 9781405132657 Teaching World History in the Twenty-first Century: A Resource Book Heidi Roupp (editor) 9780765617149 Africa Since Independence: A Comparative History Paul Nugent 9780333682739

    CCOT Essay: China 100 CE-600 CE China’s culture and it’s values have stayed as mostly continuities and few or little changes. The teachings and values of Confucianism that were so strong that they have lasted throughout the centuries of Chinese history and is still well-known today. These values included guidelines on respect. Chinese civilization during the classical civilization was a patriarchy and with the Confucius teaching which created the outline of how a good family should work like. Patriarchy was continuity for Chinese civilization.

    Sample ccot essay questions

    sample ccot essay questions


    sample ccot essay questionssample ccot essay questionssample ccot essay questionssample ccot essay questions