Publishing academic thesis

Once you’ve decided which journal to try, study recent articles carefully to see what issues they address, what tone they adopt, what conventions they follow (in referencing, giving examples, using terminology, the structure of their articles) and what devices they use to present their data and arguments.  For instance, English Today , publishes short, accessible articles for a wide range of both academic and general readers, while Phonology , publishes theoretical material of interest to phonologists and those working in related disciplines.

serves the academy and the church by publishing works that further the pursuit of knowledge and understanding within the context of Christian faith. Building on our Reformed and evangelical heritage, we connect authors and readers across the broader academic community by publishing books that reflect historic Christianity and its contemporary expressions. Our authors are scholars who are leaders in their fields, write irenically, and display a healthy respect for other perspectives and traditions. Our goal is to publish books that are notable for their inherent quality and deemed essential reading by students and scholars.

Publishing academic thesis

publishing academic thesis


publishing academic thesispublishing academic thesispublishing academic thesispublishing academic thesis