Nus psychology thesis coordinator

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For my prospective dissertation: 'Queering violence: affective alignments as heteronormative strategies of social control in Colombia'I seek to investigate how violence is differentiated and endorsed by emotions embedded in heteronormative discourses and cultural practices within the context of war and armed conflict. Focusing my investigation on the five-decades-long Colombian armed conflict I seek to analyze unexplored memories and experiences among an overlooked population of victims: LGBTI communities. My theoretical framework is based on feminist contributions to the fields of emotion and affect studies, human geography, violence and war studies, social theory, and queer theory. This approach incorporates the use of life stories and participatory photography as research methods intended to produce alternative oral and visual narratives able to destabilize and subvert hegemonic discourses and representations of the victims of armed conflict. 

Nus psychology thesis coordinator

nus psychology thesis coordinator


nus psychology thesis coordinatornus psychology thesis coordinatornus psychology thesis coordinatornus psychology thesis coordinator