Modern world essay

“Who imitates another people becomes one of them” runs a proverb that reflects anxieties about loss of identity that may be as strong among Muslims today as it was in the 1890s, when the Qajar ruler Nasser el-Din Shah (reigned 1848–1896) “decreed that the women of the harem should abandon their traditional attire of long, loose, embroidered trousers in favor of a kinky pastiche of the costume” that had entranced him on a visit to the Paris ballet. Absurdities such as these, however, should not detract from the impact of the real transformations in social attitudes, such as the shift from it “being socially unacceptable to educate one’s daughter to unacceptable not to do so.”

The cellular phone was first tested in 1978. The cellular market in Britain alone had grown at a rapid rate to million users by 1997. In Japan it is as high as one mobile phone per ten people. However, when the number of cellulars users had increased many new subscribers are low users. In the United Kingdom cable operators are giving some five lakh extra subscribers per month. Presently China tops the list of the mobile user countries. India does not lag behind. It is fast approaching to equallize or even supercedes the status of China.

Modern world essay

modern world essay


modern world essaymodern world essaymodern world essaymodern world essay