Mandragora essay

   The term, "to give or make the fig," as an expression of insult, has for many ages been very prevalent among the nations of Europe, and according to Douce  2 was known to the Romans. It consists in thrusting the thumb between two of the closed fingers, or into the mouth, a practice, as some say,  3 in allusion to a contemptuous punishment inflicted on the Milanese, by the Emperor Frederic Barbarossa in 1162, when he took their city. This, however, is altogether improbable, the real origin no doubt being a coarse w representation of a disease, to which the name of ficus or fig has always been given.  4

Greenie. An Ubuntu-based distribution that seems to be pretty popular in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and thus probably a good addition to the GLDT.
Quick googling leads us to the official page and to DistroWatch . The latter hints at a game oriented Xubuntu fork in early 2008, rebasing to Ubuntu in mid-2008.
The official page doesn’t seem to sport any change logs or release announcements (while my Slovak is very poor, this isn’t much of a problem thanks to Google Translate).
The oldest downloads ( mirror ) seem to have been purged.
The forums also only hold comparatively recent posts.
Googling a bit further reveals that Greenie was known in 2007. Time to power up the Wayback Machine: voilá . Since my Slovak hasn’t improved much in the meantime, lets feed again the earliest archive link to the translator … “The beginning of the project [...] 14th September 2007″ and “Greenie Linux is based directly on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.” (on a second look, that page was available in English anyway!)
Job done.

The Moor already changes with my poison;
Dangerous conceits are in their natures poisons,
Which at the first are scarce found to distaste,
But with a little act upon the blood
Burn like the mines of Sulphur.

                                    Enter Othello.
                                                   I did say so.
Look, where he comes. Not poppy, nor mandragora
Nor all the drowsy syrups of the world
Shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep
Which thou owedst yesterday. (-382)

Mandragora essay

mandragora essay


mandragora essaymandragora essaymandragora essaymandragora essay