Lord flies biblical essay

Simon is one of the younger boys and he stands out from the rest. Simon seems calmer than the other boys and doesn’t jump to conclusions. Simon symbolizes goodness, wisdom and truth. Simon is also one of the many symbols in The Lord of the Flies that has a biblical similarity, and his eerie parallel with Jesus Christ. About half-way in the story, Simon discovers that the so-called "Beast" all the boys seem to fear is actually the boys themselves. Just like Christ, Simon holds the truth and wants to share it with others, but before he has the chance, he is brutally murdered by all of the other boys, just like how Jesus Christ was crucified by his own people for spreading

There is an additional Bible passage that utilizes an almost identical Hebrew word. I Chronicles 4:22 mentions a Jewish ruler of the region of Moab who was named Saraph. One can only speculate why he would have been given this name, but the region he ruled to the southeast of Israel proper (on the border of Edom) was quite close to the area where the Israelites had encountered the serpents in the wilderness. It is likely that the New Testament also referenced these fiery winged seraphim when writing to the Hebrews: “Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire” (Hebrews 1:7). The emphasis then, it would appear, is on the saraph’s bright, fiery nature.

Lord flies biblical essay

lord flies biblical essay


lord flies biblical essaylord flies biblical essaylord flies biblical essaylord flies biblical essay