Kansas masonic lodge essay contest

The Organization of Triangles Inc. is a Masonic youth movement for young women aged between 10 and 21 years old. The Organization of Triangles Inc. was founded in 1925 by Rose E. Scherer in the State of New York . For over ninety years, the Triangle has provided the young a vibrant and dynamic group where they can make friends and improve. The triangle form the character, is a service-oriented fraternity that builds a basis for its members to develop their life skills and leadership skills, citizenship, public speaking, the value of teamwork, confidence and self-esteem. Members have opportunities to express their opinions, learn how to make their ideas a reality, helping others around them to form friendships with other members, all in a safe and controlled environment. The founder of the Organization of Triangles Inc. Rose E. Scherer was born on the 18th of November of the year 1883, in the city of New York . Scherer was Great Matron of the Order of the Eastern Star . Scherer conceived the idea of a fraternal group for young daughters of the Order of the Eastern Star and the Masonic fraternity, in order to be a preparation for future membership in the adult organizations, their proposals were accepted under the patronage of the Order of the Eastern Star . [7] [8]

Your donations to the Grand Lodge Disaster Relief Fund for those brethren who have lost their Lodge Building, Homes and also those brethren who lost their lives during the recent Tornados that swept through Kentucky in the past months. Please Click on the Button below and you may make a donation with most major credit cards. Thank you for your Donations to these brethren and their communities!

Grand lodge of Kentucky F. & . Calendar Columbus Day Starts: 12:00 am Ends: October 9, 2017 - 11:59 pm

Further, a particularly immature internet gadfly - Brad Cofield - has created a series of internet web sites identified as "Egyptian Freemasonry". These have no connection whatsoever with Egypt, Freemasonry, or reality and are simply more of Brad's puerile attempts to garner attention. You can read more about him here . Iran Ruled as a theocracy, Freemasonry simply does not exist here - similar to any other dictatorship where the ideals of free thought are subjugated to totalitarian rule. There is a Grand Lodge of Iran in Exile whose Grand Master and Grand Secretary are in California and whose regalia and possessions are safely protected in a storage area at the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts but as far as we know, they have no active lodges within the country. Iraq Under the former dictatorship, Freemasonry was - as under all similar political regimes - forbidden. With the arrival of American and other troops there, some informal meetings are being held. However, of particular note is that the so-called "Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of North Carolina" (a 'fake' organization), Leslie G. Harmanson is a Sergeant First Class with the US Army there as of December, 2009 and is apparently passing out degrees. His organization is part of the so-called "Regular Grand Lodge of England"  and their fantasy creation of "Masonic High Councils" which you can read about in detail here and here . Should you become associated with this organization, you will never be welcomed in any of the tens of thousands of regular & recognized Masonic lodges throughout the world. Masons and those who wish to join Freemasonry would do well to consider that SFC Harmanson's group is grossly irregular in the eyes of the Masonic world and should therefore govern themselves accordingly.

Kansas masonic lodge essay contest

kansas masonic lodge essay contest


kansas masonic lodge essay contestkansas masonic lodge essay contestkansas masonic lodge essay contestkansas masonic lodge essay contest