Juvenile essay

One of the most notable causes of juvenile delinquency is fiat , . the declaration that a juvenile is delinquent by the juvenile court system without any trial, and upon finding only probable cause . Many states have laws that presuppose the less harsh treatment of juvenile delinquents than adult counterparts’ treatment. In return, the juvenile surrenders certain constitutional rights , such as a right to trial by jury, the right to cross-examine, and even the right to a speedy trial. Notable writings by reformers such as Jerome G. Miller [21] show that very few juvenile delinquents actually broke any law. Most were simply rounded up by the police after some event that possibly involved criminal action. They were brought before juvenile court judges who made findings of delinquency, simply because the police action established probable cause.

Yet, the SRO’s attack on Shakara is a quintessential example of the school-to-prison pipeline in action, as it illustrates perfectly  what the statistics already tell us  – that black students are suspended and expelled from schools three times more often than their white peers, and that for black girls, the rate is twice that amount.  In fact, in South Carolina black students comprise 60% of those who are suspended from school but only 36% of the state’s student population.  A  federal civil rights investigation  into the incident has been initiated by the Columbia FBI Field Office, the Civil Rights Division, and the . Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina.

Juvenile essay

juvenile essay


juvenile essayjuvenile essayjuvenile essayjuvenile essay