Invention essay

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As Essick has pointed out, the engraved text mentioned in Island alludes to the “New Mode of Printing” that Blake’s friend, George Cumberland, one of his earliest patrons, published in 1784 ( Printmaker 113). [7] The “New Mode” merely used etching “for writing words instead of delineating figures on plates.” Cumberland states: “It had long been conjectured by the author of this paper, in the course of his practice of etching on copper, that a new mode of printing might be acquired from it.” Referring to himself as its “inventor,” he explains that he “wrote a poem on copper by means of this art,” had impressions printed by a professional printer, and that the whole process of writing and printing “had cost very little more time than common writing.”  He ends his very short article noting that “the author thinks this mode of printing may be very useful to persons living in the country, or wishing to print very secretly.” Cumberland instructs his reader how to make and spread a conventional etching ground, though admitting that “all these operations a servant may be taught to execute.” His reader need only “to write with a pen (of gold if possible) on the varnished plate, so as to leave the copper bare” and etch in a solution one-third “aquafortis” and two-thirds water.

Invention essay

invention essay


invention essayinvention essayinvention essayinvention essay