Ideas for a reflective essay

World events
With immediate connection to the Internet, world events learned within minutes of its happening. Some events that have a significant impact on our lives include natural disasters, missing people, school shootings, royal weddings, presidential elections and scientific discoveries. Before writing reflective essays on a global event, analyze the implications of how it affected a population and how it affects their immediate and long-term future. Be sure to cite credible references and use facts related to the actual event. Also on how the event affected you personally, if you believe was handled properly and what could be done at the policy and community levels to prevent or create similar events in the future.

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Have you already collected the comments? If so, then my suggestion is to go through the comments and organize them by theme. For example, “comments about style”, “praise”, “criticism I can use” “criticism I can’t use” and so forth. You can then outline your essay so that you write one paragraph about each theme and describe how the comments made you feel “I felt that the criticism I received about X was warranted/unwarranted because….” The nice thing about a reflective essay is that it is not extremely formal, since it can be written in first person. You can learn more about this style of essay here: https:///essay-writing-blog/how-to-write-a-reflective-essay/

Ideas for a reflective essay

ideas for a reflective essay


ideas for a reflective essayideas for a reflective essayideas for a reflective essayideas for a reflective essay