Ib world religion extended essay

Rather than "sons of Israel ", the Septuagint , the Greek Old Testament, suggests the angelōn theou [ clarification needed ] , or "angels of God", and a few versions even have huiōn theou ( sons of God ). The Dead Sea Scrolls version of this suggests that there were in fact 70 sons of the Most High God sent to rule over the 70 nations of the Earth. This idea of the 70 nations of Earth, each ruled over by one of the Elohim (sons of God), is also found in Ugaritic texts. The Arslan Tash inscription suggests that each of the 70 sons of El Elyon was bound to their people by a covenant. Thus, Crossan [ who? ] translates:

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Ib world religion extended essay

ib world religion extended essay


ib world religion extended essayib world religion extended essayib world religion extended essayib world religion extended essay