High school wrestling essay

I thought when I stepped on campus that wrestling was the degree I was pursuing; I still had goals I wanted to reach and that was my priority.  He made me see the big picture that I can reach my goals and set myself up for life after wrestling…and it wasn’t easy, we had lots of discussions and I still think about the impact those conversations had on where I’m at today.  Conversations were what made Coach such a unique and great person.  He could talk with anyone and often did…I remember countless times when we’d finish weighing in and we’re ready to go eat but couldn’t because Coach was still talking with someone…”Come on Coach, we’re hungry,” someone would yell.  It seemed most times I’d stop in to see him there was people already talking with him or a waiting line to chat with him. Incredibly, he was also the master of falling asleep during a conversation wrestling trips and a little while later waking up and not missing a beat about the topic of discussion…but as I think back, he probably never slept because people were always calling on him and he was always there for them regardless the time or place.

High school wrestling essay

high school wrestling essay


high school wrestling essayhigh school wrestling essayhigh school wrestling essayhigh school wrestling essay