Help me with my reading homework

If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, no. But that doesn't mean your child won't learn how to read or be a complete failure. If you teach your child how to cope and deal with his/her disability now, you're doing your child an incredible favor. Teach your children to advocate for themselves. Teach them how to ask for help. Teach them how to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Teach them about resources they can go to for help and how to ensure they receive the accommodations they need for success. If you teach your children to do this at school, they're going to go into the world feeling confident and set up for success; they'll know how they fit in and what they need to do to keep up. And that's worth more than being able to read 180 words per minute.

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Help me with my reading homework

help me with my reading homework


help me with my reading homeworkhelp me with my reading homeworkhelp me with my reading homeworkhelp me with my reading homework