Example of positional essay

As a general rule, once an infant can sit independently, a flat spot will not get any worse. Then, over months and years, as the skull grows, even in severe cases the flattening will improve. The head may never be perfectly symmetrical, but for a variety of reasons the asymmetry becomes less apparent as well. For example, in later childhood the face becomes more prominent in relation to the skull, hair thickens, and children are always on the go. Experience and clinical research have shown that by school age, a flattened head is no longer a social or cosmetic problem.

Latin prose often follows the word order Subject, Indirect Object, Direct Object, Adverb, Verb" (commonly known by the acronym "SIDAV"), but this is more of a guideline than a rule. Adjectives normally go after a noun they modify (either the Subject or the Object), but this is not absolutely required. In practice, there is great flexibility in word order, though the one rule usually followed is that the verb goes last in the sentence. Nonetheless, it is not incorrect grammar to use a completely different word order. Putting a word earlier in the sentence increases the emphasis on it, but this subtlety would only be particularly obvious to a native Latin speaker. [ citation needed ] However, even in Classical Latin poetry, lyricists followed word order very loosely to achieve a desired scansion . Romulus urbem condiderat (Subject Object Verb) is preferable, but there is nothing explicitly incorrect with condiderat urbem Romulus (Verb Object Subject).

Example of positional essay

example of positional essay


example of positional essayexample of positional essayexample of positional essayexample of positional essay