Ethanol thesis

We have a carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extractor, which could not be placed on freezer. So we have to work only at ambient temperatures as minimum reachable temperatures (20-25 ͦc). But elevating the temperatures is possible.
I want to know: it could be employed for supercritical drying process in order to make a Metal oxide aerogel using epoxide assisted method?
Details related to supercritical fluid extractor instrument are cited in following link:
http://-/homepage/?id=160 .

Brazil is one of the main producers of ethanol fuel and Brazil ethanol history goes back a long way. Sugarcane has been cultivated in the country since 1532 and was exported to Europe by Portuguese settlers 17 . In the late 1920s the automobile was introduced to Brazil 18 and it became profitable to turn sugarcane into ethanol fuel. World War II had a huge impact on Brazil ethanol history since German submarine attacks made it difficult to transport oil across the oceans. In 1943, it became mandatory for car fuel to contain at least 50% enthanol. 19 After the war, cheap and readily transported oil prevailed and ethanol fuel was normally only produced when there was an unusual surplus of sugar. 20

Ethanol thesis

ethanol thesis


ethanol thesisethanol thesisethanol thesisethanol thesis