Essay over the great gatsby

President Johnson's heaviest burden and biggest failure was the Vietnam War. Throughout his presidency the . economic train used the timber of the Great Society to fuel the Vietnam War (Doc E). As the Vietnam War raged on and became more and more hopeless, LBJ's approval rating sank. People were ungrateful for The Great Society's gains and focused on his failings in Vietnam (Doc F). LBJ did almost nothing successfully in Vietnam and got tens of thousands of . troops killed and hundreds of thousands injured in a war that ended up a complete failure anyway. This blow sent ripples throughout American society to the families of those killed and injured, both physically and mentally, in the war. It also showed the American people that they did not always hold the moral high ground and that they did not always win.

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Essay over the great gatsby

essay over the great gatsby


essay over the great gatsbyessay over the great gatsbyessay over the great gatsbyessay over the great gatsby