Essay on sleepwalking

The river of time thus flows on, despite the struggles of man. Although Macbeth's reign of terror has made “the frame of things disjoint,” by the end of the play the tide of time has smoothed over Scotland (III ii 18). The unnatural uprising of Macbeth now in the past, Macduff comments that "the time is free" (V xi 21). And Macbeth's life proves to be indeed a "tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" (V v 27-29). Time washes over his meaningless, bloody history: Banquo's family will give rise to the line of Stuart kings and Malcolm will regain the throne his father left him—all exactly as if Macbeth had never dared to kill Duncan.

Sir I couldn’t agree more with your article. We know that the World is very insecure especially at the moment probably with Korea being top of the list for the time being. Again where we have Kim another childless man with no worries of family future. I consider myself to be lucky in the era that I have lived in but feel terror for the future for my kids and grandkids as you have stated the above Politicians don’t have that Care or worry and they cannot fathom what it’s like unless they walk a mile in another mans shoes . As someone whose Parliament is filled with childless Narcissistic Homosexuals who to me should never be in politics it’s the same . Their cry daily is bring in more Refugees bring in more Muslims don’t say anything against Muslims or your Islamaphobic. Personally I have always seen why such people succeed in politics as most ( not all ) have abandoned Christian Western Principles.

Essay on sleepwalking

essay on sleepwalking


essay on sleepwalkingessay on sleepwalkingessay on sleepwalkingessay on sleepwalking