Essay on resourcefulness

Those of us in disability studies and in disability communities have serious concerns with advice that urges students to overcome their disabilities or that attempts to normalize them. "It’s also our responsibility as faculty members to uphold educational standards," Hornstein writes, "to ensure fairness, and to model resourcefulness for all students, no matter their background or life challenges." The implicit message behind that statement is that students with disabilities do not "uphold educational standards" and that to make a course more accessible will not "ensure fairness."

     I suppose that a lot of us who have been very young in New York have the same scenes in our home screens. I remember sitting in a lot of apartments with a slight headache about five o’clock in the morning. I had a friend who could not sleep, and he knew a few other people who had the same trouble, and we would watch the sky lighten and have a last drink with no ice and then go home in the early morning, when the streets were clean and wet (had it rained in the night? we never knew) and the few cruising taxis still had their headlights on and the only color was the red and green of traffic signals. The White Rose bars opened very early in the morning; I recall waiting in one of them to watch an astronaut go into space, waiting so long that at the moment it actually happened I had my eyes not on the television screen but on a cockroach on the tile floor. I liked the bleak branches above Washington Square at dawn, and the monochromatic flatness of Second Avenue, the fire escapes and the grilled storefronts peculiar and empty in their perspective.

I’m in the process of a huge renovation – yes the Ivy was growing INSIDE the house. When you have to choose/source everything from scratch it can feel exciting to overwhelming in equal measure. I’ve found that the internet has become both friend and foe. I can be inspired and excited by the extraordinary wealth of ideas that we have access to now. It has also made me feel anxious. Decision making becomes challenging. This week I found myself longing for the days when you just when to a shop and bought a light fitting because in reality it was actually quicker. I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve spent on line. So I have resolved to dive in, make decisions and keep things in perspective. Your article has definitely supported this view. Thank you.

Essay on resourcefulness

essay on resourcefulness


essay on resourcefulnessessay on resourcefulnessessay on resourcefulnessessay on resourcefulness