Essay on cloning animals

It is only now that organizations like society for prevention of Cruelty to Animals have taken up cudgels on behalf of these creatures. Several curious owners were handed up and even arrested when they checked the poor condition of lions and tigers kept captive in tiny cages which do not even allow them to stand properly. Some of these animals were found with ailments ranging from blindness to deformity of vertebrates due to prolonged captivity in three feet high cages to gaping ulcers besides the fact that all of them were suffering from malnourishment.

Cloning can be proven useful for many important scientific advancements such as in the field of biotechnology, if all its positive ideas can be brought about. It has given scientist the opportunity to investigate and try to solve the puzzle of life itself. If cloning is to be implemented diseases, economic fluctuations and food instability can be controlled. But is it worth risking ourselves for something that can affect us? Is it worth waiting to see when it is perfect to eat or use something cloned? With the ratio given of a clone to survive from attempts is not worth it.

Essay on cloning animals

essay on cloning animals


essay on cloning animalsessay on cloning animalsessay on cloning animalsessay on cloning animals