Essay on caring for the old

Having the concept of improve the nursing practice and reduce the theory practice gap I listed some recommendation as the following: First nurses must have access to updated information, learning resources, and continuous educational opportunities. Second availability of job-related materials and supplies needed to improve and facilitate better patient care. Third the health Organization should encourage the professional employee to conduct researches to indicate the factors affecting the theory-practice gap. Fourth apply the related theory objective in to practice. Fifth the nurses should build in self interest to adapt to hospital environment change. Sixth emphasis to be on staff reflection, revise and indicate mal practice and observation and assessment of patient care. Seventh keep a list of multiple tasks to be accomplished. Eighth document all care activities to minimize errors. Ninth find a smooth measure to maintain a good nurse patient communication skill to promote the patient healing process. Tenth use the appreciating or incentive rewards to encourage the staff adherence to hospital policies.

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Such teaching also tends to increase students’ fund of cultural knowledge. We sometimes forget just how powerful incidental learning can be. No responsible educator would claim that all significant learning can be achieved incidentally, but much that we acquire this way becomes more nearly permanent than the material deliberately transmitted and tested in the planned work of classrooms. The great privilege enjoyed by some children is that they have become participants in an on-going conversation with caring, knowledgeable adults. They pick up all sorts of wonderful things in these conversations. Teachers, like well-educated parents, can invite students into such conversations.

Essay on caring for the old

essay on caring for the old


essay on caring for the oldessay on caring for the oldessay on caring for the oldessay on caring for the old