Essay kindness is a great virtue

Of course, a teenager threatening suicide, for example, is in a terrible crisis and we as a society must provide humane, compassionate, and wise assistance on an urgent basis. However, we also need to remember that all of humanity -- in its self-destructive adolescence -- is far more similar to that suicidal teen than they are different. Sometimes realizing our commonalities can play a big role in providing empathy. In a way, one can see the label as "crazy," as essentially saying that someone else's behavior or thoughts are simply so non-understandable, so non-predictable, that they are beyond the realm of your imagining why they might do this.

Why you mentioned higher minimum wages. How does that relate to the topic? I felt that you introduced it suddenly from nowhere and it was not relevant. I felt it went off topic. Now as I am in London I can understand you better and why you thought of that as the minimum wages have increased recently but I think it is not relevant. What do you think? And how does that reduce crime and poverty? What is the relation? Do you mean instead of giving high salaried government should let companies pay their employees higher salaries? I feel there us something missing
I feel that the third paragraph needs a second thought or I misunderstood it.
Could you clarify my doubts please.

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Essay kindness is a great virtue

essay kindness is a great virtue


essay kindness is a great virtueessay kindness is a great virtueessay kindness is a great virtueessay kindness is a great virtue