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Another of Hofstede's categories has to do with the way national cultures relate to uncertainty and ambiguity, and therefore, how well they may adapt to change. Generally, countries that show the most discomfort with ambiguity and uncertainty include Arab, Muslim, and traditional African countries, where high value is placed on conformity and safety, risk avoidance, and reliance on formal rules and rituals. Trust tends to be vested only in close family and friends. It may be difficult for outsider negotiators to establish relationships of confidence and trust with members of these national cultures.

"As one-off fees, you might say, ‘that’s not so bad’. But consider that your average art history PhD will have dozens, if not perhaps hundreds, of images, then soon even an unpublished PhD can become prohibitively expensive. You want to discuss mid-18th Century portraiture, and show perhaps 50 images? That’ll be £750. You want to turn that PhD into a book? £3050 please, before you’ve even thought of printing costs. Want to put on a Hogarth exhibition, with a decent catalogue? £8600. Ouch. And Tate are on the cheaper end of the scale." … [Read More]

Expressionism is a kind of art movement which describes the type of art it would be taking out our own ideas, feelings on a piece of paper in sense of paintings. Expressionism was stared late 19th century and early 20th century. It was opposed to academic standards in Europe. Expressionism is mainly refers to show the emotions in arts. "The Starry Night" of Gogh, was the earliest and famous painting. Most of the artists used their paintings to express their internal feelings and expression. Many art languages such as intense emotions, shapes and abstraction, to come out their feelings.

Essay arts culture

essay arts culture


essay arts cultureessay arts cultureessay arts cultureessay arts culture