Eradicate poverty and hunger essay

China’s economy is dependent on the West for demand for its products. It does not have a tech edge over the West. So, the demand remains only while rates are low. Excess capacity already started killing Chinese industry and the realty sector as an effect. OBOR projects are the only saving grace for Chinese economy. But then India almost shot it down; so its future is uncertain. China will surely be able to feed its population but not take them out of poverty. The labour force is too large with impending unemployment with contracting demand. A few rich as a result of corruption and business do not reflect the society.

The map above shows the poverty incidence in the country. This is the number of households living below the poverty threshold. It can be seen that the provinces of Apayao, Eastern Samar, Lanao del Sur, and Maguindanao have incidences higher than 60%. In Mindanao, apart from Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao, the rest of the region's provinces have indices that are 60% or lower. In Visayas, the western part contains most of the provinces with lower than 30% incidence, while the eastern part mostly has lower than 60% incidence. Luzon has the least number of provinces with higher than 30% incidence. This may be attributed to their relative ease of trade with the capital.

Eradicate poverty and hunger essay

eradicate poverty and hunger essay


eradicate poverty and hunger essayeradicate poverty and hunger essayeradicate poverty and hunger essayeradicate poverty and hunger essay