Equality and diversity in education essay

The Royal Society of Biology is committed to ensuring equal opportunities in the life sciences, and supports diversity throughout the pipeline; at school and higher education, in the workplace and training.

RSB Member Organisations come together to discuss equality and diversity in biosciences 10 May 2017
The MO Twilight event took place last week on 10th May and highlighted some of the successes of ED&I initiatives and frameworks among our MOs and other partners, but also many of the challenges that still face those working in research, industry and academia.

The Athena Survey of Science, Engineering, and Technology (ASSET) 5 April 2017
Research commissioned by a group of organisations, including the Royal Society of Biology, has found that women working in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) still experience significant career challenges compared to men.

It is recognised that people often perform at their best when they work in an environment where they can be comfortably open and honest about their personal life, rather than having to devote effort to hide or neutralise their relationships. Some reports suggest employees who are “out” at work are 10% more engaged than those who are not. It is essential for any forward-thinking organisation to ensure they are appropriately supporting their LGBT staff. The creation of the LGBT Network Group at the University of Aberdeen has been a significant step forward in supporting these staff and will also improve the profile of the University when marketing to, and recruiting from, the LGBT community. We are grateful to the Equality & Diversity team for establishing the group, which is now being run by a small committee of volunteers, drawn from across the University. LGBT policy at the University. The committee members are committed to enhancing the opportunities for all LGBT staff & students at the University, as well as so called “straight allies”, and as part of this are preparing an action plan to address areas for improvement noted in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. We are committed to make this a great place to work for all staff and ensuring the needs of LGBT staff are respected and accommodated.

Equality and diversity in education essay

equality and diversity in education essay


equality and diversity in education essayequality and diversity in education essayequality and diversity in education essayequality and diversity in education essay