Death star trash compactor essay

Cloud City (1980): This playset can be compared to the Cantina Adventure Set. It was packaged in a small box and it was sold by Sears in the US and Canada. The set came with four figures (Han Bespin, Lobot, Dengar and Ugnaught), though in Canada, some other figures were offered with this playset. Cloud City is a small, but very cool representation of the city in the clouds. The cardboard represents a hallway and the torture chamber with the metallurgic scan grid, used to torture Han in The Empire Strikes Back . It also shows a part of the carbon freezing chamber and has an opening on top of it. This opening most likely represents the carbon freezing pit. The backdrop shows several tall spires and buildings of Cloud City and a Storm IV Cloud Car passing by. Despite being nothing more than a cardboard backdrop with a base, the Cloud City playset looks awesome and it is unique as being the only Bespin playset Kenner released for the 3 ¾” series. There were plenty of opportunities to create cool playsets of Cloud City, but Kenner probably had begun to develop plans for its upcoming Micro Collection series that included an entire Bespin World. Unfortunately that magnificent line failed and already ceased to exist in 1983.

As of July 2014, some users are reporting a new bug, where their Galactic Registry 1 bitizens have changed into random people. [11] The Besalisk species has disappeared from the album, and existing in-game besalisk bitizens are being erroneously replaced by a character of Lando Calrissian. Cornelius Evazan's appearance has become incorrect. Imperial assignments still do not operate after a certain point early in the game, making the imperial levels mostly pointless. All of the Salvage Droids' "Possible Salvage" screens show the same panoply of ewoks instead of the correct possibilities of the currently scanned areas.

Although I’ve owned the Death Star now for the past 16 years, it hasn’t remained in our foyer all that time. It was on loan to the EMP Museum in Seattle for five years alongside their extensive exhibits of sci-fi, music, and pop memorabilia. The museum arranged to have a model maker create an accurate representation of the lost radar dish, so I returned the cardboard replica dish to Todd so he could once again own his grandmother’s contribution to the Death Star story for sentimental reasons. Having the Death Star on public display enabled many fans to enjoy it in a public setting. The EMP gave it top billing in the museum with a prominent spot at the center of one of the main rooms. I got a kick out of reading about the Death Star in local tourist literature and walking by the Death Star on display at the museum to hear conversations from people telling their stories about what Star Wars meant to them. And now the Death Star is back home, where I see it every day. And when I look at it, I am still amazed it survived its long journey and is sitting right in front of me.

Death star trash compactor essay

death star trash compactor essay


death star trash compactor essaydeath star trash compactor essaydeath star trash compactor essaydeath star trash compactor essay