Cubism essays

Meanwhile, Picasso had grown tired of his struggling-artist existence at the Bateau-Lavoir; in the fall of 1909, he and Fernande moved to an new apartment, with a maid, near the Place Pigalle in Paris. He exhibited internationally, from Moscow to New York. His collaboration with Braque continued, and the two spent the August of 1911 together painting in Céret. There he began working with more easily legible imagery than that used in the nearly abstract work of the year before. Braque began stenciling letters and words on his paintings, and Picasso followed suit; his word-filled paintings became riddles, puns and love-tokens. Picasso began a new affair in the fall of 1911, with Eva Gouel; instead of painting portraits of her, he marked the presence of this new muse by incorporating the words "ma jolie," meaning "my pretty," into his paintings.

Cubism essays

cubism essays


cubism essayscubism essayscubism essayscubism essays