Computer science+thesis paper

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To prevent this, threading application programming interfaces (APIs) offer synchronization primitives such as mutexes to lock data structures against concurrent access. On uniprocessor systems, a thread running into a locked mutex must sleep and hence trigger a context switch. On multi-processor systems, the thread may instead poll the mutex in a spinlock . Both of these may sap performance and force processors in symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems to contend for the memory bus, especially if the granularity of the locking is fine.

In order to apply to the . program, applicants should hold an . degree in Computer Science or a closely related area, from a well-recognized university. Students who hold a . degree in Computer Science but have an exceptionally strong academic record may be admitted directly to the . program, but they must initially apply to the . program. Students who are in the . program have the option to be fast-tracked into the . program at the end of their first academic year, contingent on excellent performance as judged by the . committee.

Computer science+thesis paper

computer science+thesis paper


computer science+thesis papercomputer science+thesis papercomputer science+thesis papercomputer science+thesis paper