Compare parenting styles essay

The parenting style that seems to have the most benefits is the authoritative. Children and parents work together on rules and discipline. Children are given the chance to make choices and develop decision making skills. Parents show authority and love, their children know where they stand. With this parenting style children develop confidence and independence. They are usually more cooperative with adults and are more socially competent. Children are given standards by their parents and are usually high achievers. The obesity level is very low in this parenting style.

While the article was truly ourstanding - educational and helpful (I literally reviewed it to try to fix it in my memory); I would like to add that one of the most important things in a child's life is his parents relationship. Husbands and wives should be concerned with their relationship as much (nay more) than their relationship with their children. Anythng other unfortunately provides the child with a feeling he/she is overly important and deserves too much attention - which will cause some of the social issues to which the author alluded. And, when husbands and wives have a good and active relationship, they tend to agree on how to raise the children with a united and consistent front.

Compare parenting styles essay

compare parenting styles essay


compare parenting styles essaycompare parenting styles essaycompare parenting styles essaycompare parenting styles essay