Child labour essay in malayalam

The recommendation that if we fail to do something substantial for the people whose siblings and children have no other option but to be child laborers we are simply fuelling the sentiments of hatred, already existing in them against our society. This sense of acute deprivation will lead to revolt against the existing norms and rules, thereby causing anarchy and complete chaos. Moreover, it can also lead to crime and hooliganism which will further trouble the society. Similarly, the peace and prosperity of this world cannot be ensured until we have equal opportunities of education for all and sundry. If the curse of child labor goes on existing unchecked it will keep on increasing illiteracy which undoubtedly is disadvantageous for the well being of society.

Unfortunately, the concerned authorities are unable to combat the rising cases of child labour because of varied reasons. They fail to establish the correct age if the child due to the lack of birth proofs and at times fake proofs. Not much is being done on creating the awareness among people. Even if efforts are being made, they cater to a limited population and the endurance among the authorities is not visible. A lot of laxity can be observed during the conduct of awareness programmes. There is still a need to address the issue on global platforms time and again with stringent policy framework in place.

National Girl Child Day celebration was started by the Women and Child Development Ministry since 2008 to celebrate as the national observance. Through this campaign, the Indian Government has highlighted the inequalities towards the girl in the Indian society. At this day, various advertisements are run by the government on the TV channels, local newspapers and radio stations and through the message of “Save the Girl Child”. NGO organizations and non government organizations also come together and take part in the celebration to fight against the social stigma about girl child.

Child labour essay in malayalam

child labour essay in malayalam


child labour essay in malayalamchild labour essay in malayalamchild labour essay in malayalamchild labour essay in malayalam