Bluebook citing research paper

The author of the Sixth Edition is Coleen Barger, Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law. Coleen has been involved in every previous edition, reviewing each manuscript as a member of the ALWD Citation Manual Advisory Committee. She’s had a long-term scholarly interest in legal citation, from writing an article about neutral citations in 1999 to examining courts’ citation of sources on the Internet. She and Professor Brooke Bowman are the authors of the first edition of the ALWD Companion , and they are coordinating the two new editions of the Guide and the Companion .  Other key contributors to the Companion include Jessica Clark, Cassandra Hill, Erin Karsman, and Samantha Moppett.

This took place well before the E-Government Act of 2002 called upon federal courts to provide web-access to “all written opinions.”  While this island of non-print-based citation has escaped the notice of The Bluebook , the 2001 local rule remains in effect and the practice continues .   McFadden v. Walmart , 2017 DNH 002 , was decided on January 5 of this year.  The district’s judges themselves do still, on occasion, cite using opinion numbers.   See, ., Hersey v. Colvin , 2016 DNH 203, 10  (citing  Corson v. Soc. Sec’y Admin., Comm’r , 2013 DNH 144, 24–25 ).  So do  attorneys.  The New Hampshire Bar Association publishes a monthly  “US District Court Decision Listing” that contains summaries of selected decisions of the prior month.  The decisions covered are cited by their “medium neutral” or “public domain” opinion numbers.

Bluebook citing research paper

bluebook citing research paper


bluebook citing research paperbluebook citing research paperbluebook citing research paperbluebook citing research paper