Aids and hiv essays

The criterion for effectiveness of ARVs is action in reducing “HIV-positive” or “viral load” or increasing CD4 counts, judged initially by in vitro experiments. But this does not necessarily correlate with clinical improvement of the patient 154 . This is a real-life illustration of the old saw that an operation may be judged by the experts to have been successful even if the patient died. Suppression of "viral load" does not always restore the immune system 917 ; level of "viral load" does not correlate with level of CD4 cells and neither correlates with clinical condition of the "patient" 154 .

Poverty was one motive for adopting an abstinence-only policy, but entrenched conservatism was another. The programmes remain, along with other efforts to legislate morality in the state. In 2011, Louisiana Family Forum, a powerful lobby group, successfully fought a bill that would have prevented government agencies from discriminating against sexual orientation when hiring new employees. Bias against homosexuality makes both men and women reluctant to get tested, because a positive result is seen as a sure sign of being gay. ‘The number of times I’ve heard someone say, “I don’t want to get a test because I don’t want to know my status”,’ Bowen said. She told me about a client whose family made him use a paper plate and plastic fork at a holiday meal, instead of regular dishes like everyone else.

Aids and hiv essays

aids and hiv essays


aids and hiv essaysaids and hiv essaysaids and hiv essaysaids and hiv essays